The Special Events Officer is the department's liaison with all event promoters. This Officer is responsible for the proper assignment of all the necessary fire and rescue units and inspectors at off duty events. This Officer also reviews and issues assembly, fireworks, and class one special event permits. Furthermore this Officer is also responsible for coordinating night inspections on entertainment establishments and conduct on site inspections of special events. For questions about this service, please contact the Special Events Officer.


The Fire Plans Examiners review all plans for new construction and remodeling done throughout the City of Miami and conduct onsite inspections, special event site plans, and special consultation reviews. Plans Review Section is responsible for reviewing fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler systems, smoke evacuation systems, fire pumps, standpipes, generators, tank removals, and installations. For questions about this service, please contact the Fire Plans Examiner.


This section is dispatched to property fires and conducts follow-up investigations on other types of classified fires. Our Investigation Unit acts as liaisons with various law enforcement and investigative agencies. They are responsible for proper evidence collection and chain of custody; contact and follow-up with insurance company representatives in relation to fires; prepare for pre-file conferences and depositions on criminal and civil cases, and prosecute all criminal cases to the full extent of the law. For questions about this service, please contact the Investigation Unit.


The Water Supply/Hazmat Officer is primarily responsible for ensuring adequate water flow is available by enforcing the Dade County Fire Flow Ordinance. Duties encompass reviewing building and civil plans and conducting water flow tests prior to issuing of a building permit. Other responsibilities include: placing new hydrants in service, conducting water main improvement projects, water main plan reviews, and plat and street reviews. Also with his dual role as the Hazmat Officer, he is responsible for the hazardous material inspections consisting of marinas, gas stations, and fuel tank permits. For questions about this service, please contact the Water Supply/Hazmat Officer.


New Construction conducts highly technical inspections ensuring that all phases of buildings under construction meet the required Fire and Life Safety Codes. For questions about this service, please contact the New Construction Inspector.


The Fire Prevention Bureau assigns and completes certificates of use inspections. The annual Life Safety inspections ensure the safety of both, the citizens and firefighters of our city. Our district inspectors correct violations and refer businesses to NET for not having a certificate of use. The specialty inspectors perform more complex inspections that require specialized duties, technical knowledge, and experience. These inspections include all Hospitals and Institutions, Educational Facilities and its Ancillary Buildings and Code Enforcement. For questions about this service, please contact the Fire Inspector.

For other inquiries, please contact the Fire Prevention Bureau