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About us

The Fire Prevention Bureau (FPB) is responsible for Certificate of Use/Fire Safety Permit inspections and Plans Review for construction as a part of the Certificate of Occupancy program each year. Fire Prevention Division personnel conduct water flow tests, monitor the hydrant and water supply system throughout the City of Miami, and conduct annual life safety inspections in all hazardous material occupancies, hospital and institutional properties within City of Miami jurisdictions. The Investigation Section responds to all fires of suspicious origins.

FPB Overview

The Fire Prevention Bureau was started on January 1st, 1923 under Asst. Chief E. A. Westra and one assigned inspector. The rapid growth of the City of Miami followed and by World War II a total force of ten inspectors was assigned to the bureau. However, it was not until 1966 when ten people died in a residential fire involving an overturned portable kerosene heater that prompted the City Administration to pass a fire code. Ordinance 7431 became the fire protection chapter of the City Charter. Presently, the Fire Prevention Bureau enforces extensive state and local fire and life safety codes.

Although not as glamorous or visible as the Emergency Response Division, the efforts of the Fire Prevention division are widely recognized as the fire service continuous to evolve. The Fire Marshal has the tremendous responsibility for prevention of death, injuries, and property loss caused by fire. This is accomplished through the strict enforcement of complex Building, Fire, and Life Safety Codes.

The importance of these efforts and the significant life safety improvements that have been made over the last few decades were brought to national attention with the tragic events of September 11th. Both World Trade Center towers withstood the initial impact of a catastrophic event, well beyond what the buildings were designed to handle. Modern building codes, public education, and life safety systems all worked together to allow countless people to evacuate safely.

Division Structure
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District Inspectors handle numerous referrals from various sources including but not limited to Fire Companies, Hazard Warning Tags, NET Offices, other departments and the general public.

In addition, the Fire Prevention Bureau provides the public with fire prevention and life safety information and administers the Certificate of Use renewal program which provides for annual inspections of all existing buildings for the required life safety code violations.