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Why did I receive a false alarm notification?

You receive a false alarm when your system activates and the fire department is dispatched. Upon arrival the fire company will determine if the system activation was legitimate or if it was in error. The Deputy Fire Marshal is to be contacted for any questions on the legitimacy of a false alarm. False alarms will be sent to the registered owner of the property, unless other arrangements are made when applying for a certificate of use through zoning.
There is currently no need to register your fire alarm system with the fire department.

For more information, please refer to City Ordinance.

What is the cost of a fire false alarm?

Refer to Fines and fees schedule section
Please note, the schedule resets once 365 consecutive days pass with no false alarm incident. The previous false alarms must also be paid for the reset to occur.

For more information, please refer to City Ordinance.

Can I appeal false alarm activations?

Upon receipt of any Fire Department False Alarm Activation notification or false alarm invoice from the City, you have ten (10) days to request a hearing, orally or in writing, from the Deputy Fire Marshal who is the city's hearing officer for fire false alarms. A hearing in your favor can remove the false alarm from your record.
If you have any question, please contact the Deputy Fire Marshal.

For more information, please refer to City Ordinance.

I have a false alarm invoice from the city. What do I do?

You should determine which city agency sent you a false alarm invoice simply by looking at the invoice itself. Refer to the following images for the difference.

In either case, you should pay the invoice to avoid any problems with response at the alarm location. If you have an invoice from the Fire Prevention Bureau (Fire False Alarm Fee) you can refer to the contact page to submit a question about it.

FPB alarm invoice

Example Fire Prevention Bureau False Alarm Invoice

MPD alarm invoice

Example Alarm Ordinance Unit False Alarm Invoice

If you have Alarm Ordinance Unit false alarm invoice, go to The Alarm Ordinance Unit web site