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In Person:
Miami Police Department
Alarm Ordinance Unit
400 NW 2 AV
Office 208
Miami, FL 33128

Department of Police
Alarm Ordinance Unit
P.O. Box 016777
Miami, FL 33101

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Not open weekends or
federal holidays
(if in doubt, please call)
  • After the Alarm Ordinance Unit reviews your registration information, you are required to pay an $82.50 registration fee
  • The Alarm Ordinance Unit does not ask for your Social Security Number or Credit Card Information
  • If you supply an email account, the Alarm Ordinance Unit uses it only for correspondence. It is not supplied to any other organization within or outside the Miami Police Department
  • NO payment will be requested when submitting this registration
  • You MUST provide the address of where the alarm system is used
  • You MUST provide a phone number where the Alarm Ordinance Unit can contact somebody for questions about this registration
  • Please click on the 'Registrant', 'Location', 'Information' and 'Contacts' tab to understand what can be entered into the registration
  • Feel free to click on any tab at any time
  • Any tab name in RED contains a one or more required values or a value that is not considered valid (show me)
  • When all required values are correctly entered into a tab, the tab name will change from RED to GREEN
  • When all tab names are GREEN, the 'Submit' button will be displayed on the 'Review' tab (show me)
  • Tab names in BLUE do not have any required input fields
  • After submitting the registration, you will receive a confirmation number. Refer to this number when contacting the Alarm Ordinance Unit with questions about this registration

whenever you wish to leave this registration, click this button

the registraton will not be saved and the alarm ordinance unit will not contact you
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